Bonus Weeks

Own a timeshare?

We created a program for travelers who own non-Travel Advantage Network properties. The Bonus Week Program offers timeshare owners the ability to trade their own timeshare week for two one-bedroom condo unit credits* through the Travel Advantage Network. Each timeshare week deposit, regardless of size, will receive credit for a one bedroom unit for two weeks. You may book a larger size unit, upon availability, to accommodate additional guests or simply for the extra space.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1:  Complete the top portion of the Bonus Week Certificate and send it to your timeshare representative for review and approval. (Note: we do not accept floating weeks or points, a specified check-in and check-out date is required)

Step 2:   After your timeshare representative approves the deposit of your week into the Travel Advantage Network inventory they will need to send the signed form to you.

Step 3: Lastly, send the completed, approved Bonus Week Certificate to Travel Advantage Network.

Below is a listing of the number of guests you may typically expect to accommodate in Travel Advantage Network units. If you choose to have the additional room, a per night upgrade fee will apply.

  • Hotel/Studio (2 Guests)
  • One Bedroom (4 Guests)
  • Two Bedroom (6 Guests)

*Please note these credits remain in your account as long as it is active. Timeshare points programs are not accepted. If you wish to participate in our Bonus Week Program, please contact a Total Vacation Services representative at 800.223.0088 ext. 3.