Gift Certificates


Allows the recipient to travel without being responsible for paying additional costs. The cost of travel during prime season or the need of additional bedrooms, along with the standard processing fee, is included in the charges to you, the account holder.


Allows your friend or family member to travel with Travel Advantage Network though recipient is responsible for paying the processing fee and any additional charges for prime season travel or additional bedrooms.

Excess Inventory

Allows the recipient to access Excess Inventory for exclusive last-minute travel destinations without using one of the vacation weeks in your account. *Excess Inventory gift certificates expire 4 years from the date of purchase.

Gift certificates are redeemable for a week at the resort area of the recipient’s choice; with the Complimentary and Standard options, the gift certificate issued represents one of your vacation weeks. Gift certificates will be mailed after date of purchase. Please contact a Travel Advocate for more information.

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