Below you’ll find a list of commonly-used Travel Advantage Network terminology to help you better understand and use your travel package.

Pre-paid Week

Your Pre-paid Week entitles you to a one-bedroom unit that will sleep up to four people during non-prime season.

Express Week

An Express Week includes a one-bedroom unit that will sleep up to four people during non-prime season.

Vacation Assurance Program (VAP)

Vacation Assurance Program is a program available at the time of booking which allows you to cancel a reservation and not lose all fees invested. The amount of credited fees is dependent on the amount of notice given to Travel Advantage Network before the travel date. Please login to your account to view additional VAP options.


Additional fees may apply to specific bookings in accordance with the seasonality guide. Such fees would include, Prime, Discount Prime, Holiday/Special Event weeks. These fees do not apply to Excess Inventory weeks, regardless of when you travel.

Bedroom Upgrade

The Bedroom Upgrade Fee is charged to clients making reservations in two-bedroom units or larger. Your Travel Advantage Network Pre-paid or Express Week is for a one-bedroom unit. If you request additional bedrooms, the upgrade fee applies.

Annual Service Charge

The Annual Service Charge (ASC) is a fee due every year to keep your account active and in good standing, and maintain access to Travel Advantage Network's many benefits.

Monthly Service Charge

The Monthly Service Charge (MSC) is the same fee as the Annual Service Charge, but divided into monthly payments. To arrange for the Monthly Service Charge Program, please call Account Management at 800.223.0088 ext. 7.

Bonus Weeks

Bonus Weeks are non-Travel Advantage Network timeshare vacation week(s) placed into our inventory. All fees at the timeshare resort must be current in order for the week to be placed into our inventory. For each timeshare week banked with us, the timeshare owner receives two (2) one-bedroom vacation weeks in return. Standard reservation fees apply. These properties are listed under Destinations Plus+.

Excess Inventory

Check out this real-time list of discounted vacations! Excess Inventory travel does not require the use of a pre-paid week or voucher and is always available on our website. For every 10 Excess Inventory vacations booked, get the 11th one for FREE!

Secret Sale

Shhh – it's a secret! Secret Sales are limited-time offer vacations for deeply discounted rates. Stay in the know to get in on the secret!