Plan Your Vacation

This travel guide will assist you in planning your vacations with Travel Advantage Network by taking you through our user-friendly reservation process. It is our goal to make your every experience with Travel Advantage Network as easy as sipping a piña colada on the beaches of Florida.

Explore our Destinations

The first step in choosing your vacation with us begins with daydreaming. Allow your mind to wander. What type of vacation do you envision? A romantic getaway, golf outing, adventurous excursion, cozy winter escape, skiing expedition, family retreat, or a relaxing break? Once you have decided on the experiences you would like to have on vacation, begin scanning our property area listings. The properties are organized into 7 geographical regions, with each region then divided into smaller areas.

Online Booking

On, you have the ability to book your vacation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use our search engine on the homepage to navigate your way to the vacation you have always wanted.

Personalized Service

Travel Advantage Network offers a team of knowledgeable Total Vacation Services representatives who are dedicated to providing superb customer service. Please use this website to explore our destinations and familiarize yourself with many of our property areas or simply call Total Vacation Services at 800.223.0088 option 3.