Sunsational Guarantee

Being a TRAVEL ADVANTAGE NETWORK client has sensational advantages, including the Sunsational Guarantee! We strive to provide clients with quality vacations at affordable rates and we are so adamant in doing just that, we created a simple but solid guarantee of service to allow travelers peace of mind when planning vacations.

1.Guaranteed Quality

All travelers are guaranteed quality accommodations. If your accommodations do not meet your expectations, simply contact our Total Vacation Services department and upon verification of the issue a replacement vacation week will be added to your account. Your replacement vacation week is subject to standard reservation fees and procedures.

2.Guaranteed Availability

Travel Advantage Network’s Sunsational Guarantee is intended to assure all travelers that they will be able to travel to our most popular destinations regardless of current availability, as long as we receive sufficient lead time to make the necessary arrangements.

The Sunsational Guarantee applies to the following destinations, which include some of Travel Advantage Network’s most popular destinations. The destinations in the program are subject to change from time to time as travel patterns change, and any changes will be noted on the website.

  • Alabama Coast
  • Arizona
  • Dominican Republic
  • Em. Coast- Panhandle
  • Hawaii Kaunakakai
  • Hilton Head
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Las Vegas
  • MD Eastern Shore
  • Missouri
  • Myrtle Beach
  • New Jersey Shore
  • Orlando/Kissimmee
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin

3.How It Works

Sunsational Guarantee reservation requests must be submitted by the following dates:

  • For travel between January 1 and April 30: not later than July 1 of the previous year.
  • For travel between May 1 and September 30: not later than December 15 of the previous year.
  • For travel between October 1 and December 31: not later than April 1 of the same year.

The first step is to complete a Sunsational Guarantee reservation request using the link below to provide us with the following information:

  • Requested destination from the current list of destinations
  • Requested number of bedrooms
  • Number of travelers
  • Requested week of travel (Note: a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday check-in may be required, based on availability. In addition, the requested week of travel cannot include holidays, special events, consecutive weeks, or multiple reservations for the same week.)

Once you submit this information, our website will immediately search our available inventory. If your request can be fulfilled from our available inventory, you will be redirected to another page on our website where you can book and pay for your vacation immediately.

If your request cannot be fulfilled from our available inventory, you will be redirected to a page on our website where you can continue with the Sunsational Guarantee request and payment process. All reservation fees that apply based on your request must be paid when your request is submitted. At the time of payment you will have the option to purchase Travel Advantage Network’s Vacation Assurance Program (VAP). For more information on VAP, please visit the VAP page.

You will then log off from your account and let Travel Advantage Network’s Travel Advocates do the rest. Our Travel Advocates will work to arrange accommodations that match your request. Once a match has been identified, you will be contacted and a reservation confirmation will be emailed to you.

Updated as of November 2015

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