Our Promise

Travel Advantage Network makes a promise to our clients because your vacation experience matters to us. Where to next?

Dear Travelers,

You have entrusted us with your most precious commodity – your time. We don’t take this lightly. We understand that you have worked hard throughout the course of the year and that vacations represent a limited opportunity for you to connect, re-energize, relax, or explore. It is essential to us to make sure that you minimally get your money’s worth of value but, more importantly, that you get a good return on the time and trust that you have given to us. Providing our travelers with vacations that will give you the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime; this is more than just words on a page, it’s our daily focus and drive. It’s what gets us motivated and what keeps us loving our work.

Nearly 10 years ago, I learned about the Travel Advantage Network program and was involved in various aspects of helping to make your vacations something special. I accepted the challenge almost six years ago to lead the organization and to deepen our efforts to reward your trust. My background is different from the typical executive. I know and understand the value of hard-earned money and what it means to make the most of every dollar. I know that you have entrusted us to provide you with vacation experiences that you’ll never forget. Every time you pack your bags and take a Travel Advantage Network vacation, we will deliver a positive and rewarding experience.

Highly focused and specialized customer service is what drives me each and every day. My commitment to customer service is built on direct and frequent personal connections with our clients and our front line team – the group that makes vacations possible every single day. While everything we do is centered on creating perfect moments, we aren't always perfect. When the not-so-perfect moments happen, we have many policies, processes and systems in place to recover well and quickly. I have extreme confidence in this team around me to always remain focused and to ensure that you consistently receive our best.

Above all, I will be directly available to you, our travelers. I have provided my email address below; this is not a generic email address but my direct email address. My promise to you is simple: send me an email if you are having an issue, would like to ask a question or want to share your best memories with me, and I will respond to you personally within 24 hours.

You are important to me. I value your trust, and I will not take it for granted. Your vacations and your time are gifts that I will respect, honor and work diligently to maximize for you. I am here for you and will ensure that we are always putting our best foot forward.


Scott Fasano


Scott and his family on vacation in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Scott and his family on vacation in North Myrtle Beach, SC.