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TAN Founder and CEO, Brad Callahan Returns to Leadership of Travel Advantage Network

Brad Callahan, Travel Advantage Network (TAN) Founder and CEO, has stepped back into the leadership role at Travel Advantage Network. For the previous seven years, the company was led by former President Scott Fasano. Scott has stepped down from TAN leadership citing that it was time for a change for himself and for TAN.

TAN has provided over 1,000,000 vacations for its clients for over 32 years and intends to continue to provide quality vacations at wholesale prices to ensure clients continue to travel and enjoy their packages.

Much has changed in 32 years. Technology is a dominant factor in the market and the costs of traveling have risen a great deal. Recently, TAN implemented a major technology change, as the technologies used previously were being discontinued. To upgrade our systems, TAN had to re-design the website as well. The transition has not been seamless and we are continuing to work towards improved functionality and ease of use. We apologize for the turbulence and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Brad has resumed the leadership position and is going back to our roots of providing our clients with vacations that create memories that will last a lifetime. We are going to get the technology right and refocus our vacation offerings. If you have questions about your travel package, an upcoming trip or your service fees, please reach out by calling our travel advocates at 800.223.0088 ext. 3 or email us at and we will work to answer your questions and work to clear up any confusion about your travel package and get your vacation booked!

Thank you for being a valued TAN client and WHERE TO NEXT?

posted 4/30/24


Travel Advantage Network Service Fee Annual Increase

Travel Advantage Network recently updated client service fees in accordance with contract terms.  We encourage clients to visit their client dashboards to see any changes that might have been made.  If you have questions, please contact us.

The increase in service fees ensures TAN the ability to provide you with quality destinations and service for your upcoming vacations and trips.  We are confident that you are still receiving a great value when booking your vacations as TAN continues to deliver significant savings over vacations you might book in the retail environment.  Thank you for being a valued TAN client.

Posted 9/29/23


Two New Italian Properties Added to TAN Destinations

We are excited to announce we have added two new properties in Italy to our destinations for TAN travelers.  The first is in Northeast Sicily and is a fabulous destination called Medimare Residence Club.  This charming coastal haven is your gateway to Sicily's cultural treasures and natural wonders. Explore ancient history at the iconic Taormina Greek Theatre or stroll through the historic streets of Messina, where you'll encounter architectural marvels and a vibrant local scene. Nature enthusiasts will be enchanted by excursions to the nearby Aeolian Islands, renowned for their volcanic beauty and crystal-clear waters, or take a scenic drive along the winding roads of the Nebrodi Mountains, revealing breathtaking vistas of this untouched paradise. Unwind at one of the pristine beaches along the Ionian coast, indulge in delectable Sicilian cuisine at local trattorias, and create cherished memories that will make your stay at Residence Medimare an unforgettable adventure.  

The other is Villagio La Vesca and it's located in San Remo.  San Remo is a beautiful resort town located in Italy, specifically in the region of Liguria, along the Italian Riviera and near the French border.  Take a few day trips to the French Riviera and enjoy the beautiful beaches and the casino in San Remo.   

Take a few minutes to check these out and plan an Italian adventure now.

Posted 9/20/23