Frequently Asked Questions

New Website Best Practices

Excess Inventory properties are available and you can find the Excess Inventory by using the Filters in your property search.  Go to filters and check the Excess Inventory box and Apply and you will see all Excess Inventory Properties.  See the video tutorial at Find Excess Inventory;  You can filter the Excess Inventory properties further by using the earliest and latest check-in dates, as well as the where to see if they are available where you want to go.

The site will be used by all VIP and Standard clients.  If you are a Standard client, all VIP properties will disappear from your search results once you log in to your account.

To find the week's cost at the property you wish to travel to you must be logged in to your account.  Once you find the property you wish to travel to click Book Reservation and Select the Check-in Date and the cost will appear and you can either complete the reservation and book the property or continue to search. 

Once you login, you will see an icon of a person in the upper right corner of the website. This icon is where you find MY ACCOUNT (your name, email address, vacations taken, travel credits, account number and weeks remaining on your account); MY TRIPS (you can see a list of All Trips, Upcoming Trips and Previous Trips); SERVICE FEES  (you can see the service fee charge, how often it’s billed, due date, date of last payment, set up and manager your Autopay and payment options); and you can LOGOUT here too.

The photo/video contest will be added back to the website soon under the About TAN section of the website.  It is still under development.

Go to About TAN and click on the About TAN tab.  If you scroll down you will find the Interval Calendar as well as the Seasonality Calendar.

When you are in the process of booking a property and you are on the Confirm Booking Screen, you can see the price of the unit as soon as you select Check-in Date.  On this screen you can hold the booking for 24 hours for a fee or Book the date you clicked on.  When you click the Book button, the property goes on a 15-minute temporary hold.  If you don’t wish to proceed and book the property, go to the bottom of the page and click Cancel Reservation.  This will remove the 15-minute hold on that property.  If you have too many properties on temporary hold, the system won't allow you to book other properties.

The bell at the top right of the page is for NOTIFICATIONS.  If you see a red dot next to the bell, then you have a notification.  Click the bell to read the notification.  Notifications include letting you know you have properties on a temporary hold because you went through the booking process and didn't book it yet.  You can cancel this temporary hold by clicking CHECK OUT and then CANCEL 15-MINUTE HOLD. You will then be asked if you want to CANCEL THE RESERVATION.  Click that button and the hold will be cancelled.

You might also have a notification about a service fee charge that is overdue.  Go to Your Account and click on Service Fees to pay your fees and stay current with your account.

Planning A Vacation

Travel Advantage Network guarantees a reservation at top resort areas for our clients. While specific properties cannot be guaranteed, requests can be made for holidays, special events, consecutive requests, or multiple requests for the same week.

For most properties, check-in is on Saturday. However, some properties have Friday or Sunday check-in dates. Each Travel Advantage Network property page shows the available check-in days for that property.

You are able to take your pets to the following properties and units:

  • Pin Oak, Pigeon Forge, TN in Unit 231

  • Coastal Living, VA Beach

There is a fee to bring your pets—$250 per week—and an agreement you must sign and return at least 14 days prior to your check-in. Not all pets are allowed. Please read the full TAN Pet-Friendly Unit Policy by clicking here.

By signing up for Vacation Assurance Program (VAP) at the time of booking, you can ensure peace of mind if you need to change or cancel your vacation. The amount of credits (for your reservation fees, travel surcharge, and weeks) that will be applied to your Travel Advantage Network account will depend on the amount of notice given before the travel date. All fees (parking, resort and other fees) collected at the time of booking are non-refundable in all cases.

To find Excess Inventory on the new website, watch this brief tutorial video:  How to Find Excess Inventory Properties

Booking a Vacation

Travel Advantage Network accepts reservations up to 360 days in advance of travel, based upon availability.

Yes! Travel Advantage Network is happy to cater to last-minute getaways. Properties will be subject to availability. Your best bet is to take advantage of our Excess Inventory program to find last-minute deals. To check availability, call a Travel Advocate at 1.800.223.0088 x3 or use the filter Excess Inventory to find the properties with available Excess Inventory.

Reservations are made on a week-long basis with the full reservation fee due upon booking. However, you can check-in later or leave earlier than the reserved dates if your schedule necessitates.  VIP clients have the ability to book split weeks.  

All reservation fees are due at the time of booking. If you need a little time to consider, you can place a 24-hour, non-refundable, and non-transferable hold on your vacation destination for only $50. If you decide to book the property you held, the $50 will be applied to your booking.  We do offer a Book Now, Pay Later program through Affirm.  When you are checking out to reserve a vacation, you can choose the Payment Method Book Now, Pay Later and you will be directed to their payment information and terms and conditions.

My Benefits

Excess Inventory is a special Travel Advantage Network perk that allows travelers to obtain incredibly low rates on last-minute bookings. Plus, booking a trip using our Excess Inventory program doesn’t require the use of a voucher or prepaid week! Explore properties currently available through our Excess Inventory program by checking the Excess Inventory filter when searching for properties.

The Bonus Week Program offers timeshare owners the ability to trade their own timeshare week for two additional weeks credited to their Travel Advantage Network account (standard reservation fees apply). If you wish to participate in our Bonus Week Program, please visit the Bonus Week Program page or contact a Travel Advocate at 800.223.0088, extension 3.

Account Activity

Over the years TAN has worked with several independently owned and operated sales companies. Each sales company has different cancellation policies that are included in your contract that you signed during your purchase. Refer to those provisions in your contract. 

There are some contracts that allow cancellations after you have satisfied your financial obligations with the sales company. In those cases, TAN accepts and processes cancellations as non-renewal of benefits with the contractual requirement that the account must be in good standing at the time of cancellation.

We do urge all clients to consider working with us to make the most of the investment. Our program is designed to help clients travel and benefit from the significant savings available through the benefits in the package.

We also allow clients to transfer their packages to family, friends, or charities as another option.

It's important to remember that TAN doesn’t sell weeks and is not a sales company. TAN is the service company and we have fulfillment contracts with sales companies. TAN does not and cannot buy weeks from clients.

TAN is also not involved with refund requests related to the contract and financial obligations with the sales company.

You can find this information easily by logging into the website and looking on your Account under My Account.

Yes! Log in through the Travel Advantage Network homepage to access your account information and navigate to Service Fees on the icon of a person in the upper right corner of the website.

You can set up an automated payment by going to Service Fees under the icon of a person at the top right of the website and clicking on Service Fees.  Click on Autopay and you can set up your automated payment.

Please call us directly at 800.223.0088, extension 9705 to make a payment if you are set up on draft and have a delinquent balance.

Our websites, and, can only be accessed in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.  We do not allow the site to be viewed in other countries due to security concerns.